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History Saccof Packaging

A family and human history

The Saccof Packaging saga began over fifty years ago. During World War II, S.A.C.C.O.F. distributed glass jars to enable the French to preserve food. The passion for packaging was already there, but the adventure only really took off with the coming of Mr. and Mrs. Philippe Allemandou.


Owners of FESSOU since 1966, the young couple acquired S.A.C.C.O.F. in 1968. Two years later, they created the S.A.C.C.O.F. & Fessou company and focused the business of the company on plastic and metal packaging for industry.


The company prospered and successfully negotiated the move to plastics in the 80s. In 1986 the Allemandous bought a food warehouse in Saint-Priest and set up SACCOF RHONE-ALPS to serve the entire Lyon region.


The brothers Stéphane and Christophe Allemandou, sons of the founders, joined the business and gave a new impetus to the family project. Alongside distribution, they had the ambition to develop container manufacturing. Then the Allemandou family joined with the German Huttenlocher family to build a jerrycan PEHD blow-forming factory in Sens in Burgundy: Plastikpack France was born.


Stéphane and Christophe Allemandou started up the Plastikpack France factory. It was Christopher who took the lead of the company.


The 90s were a period of acquisitions and strong growth for the company with the purchase of SEM-Monjardin in Grasse specializing in the global perfume and aromatic essence market.


The company opened new horizons in the South of France with the creation of the SACCOF PROVENCE warehouse in Avignon. That same year a major event occurred: the headquarters of the company moved from Rue du Coq Gaulois to the current headquarters in Brie-Comte-Robert. The time had come for change.


Father and son met and decided together to change the name of the company from S.A.C.C.O.F. & Fessou to SACCOF PACKAGING. A new name, a new logo, new ambitions.


SACCOF PACKAGING took a stake in Toulouse-based company CEVI. This move into the south west strengthened SACCOF PACKAGING's expertise in the field of plastic and metallic packaging for the chemical, agri-food and wine industries.


Stéphane and Christophe Allemandou are appointed Managing Director of SACCOF PACKAGING.


The company set up a new warehouse in Rennes: SACCOF OUEST.


Philippe Allemandou, the founding father at the root of this great SACCOF PACKAGING adventure, died suddenly.


At the end of the 2000s, SACCOF PACKAGING continued to expand. On the logistics side, the company decided to partner with the GMT transport company in 2007 for ever-faster customised deliveries and 2008 saw the construction of a new platform specialising in perfumes/aromas in Bar-Sur-Loup in the Alpes-Maritimes.


To develop its container manufacturing business, SACCOF PACKAGING partnered with the Dutch group Frapak, specialised in PET design and production, to create Flexpet.


Year in which the new Beaucaire logistics platform in Le Gard opened. It is also the year of renewal in terms of communication. The company acquired a new brand platform, a new website and a new signature that is perfectly in tune with its philosophy: "Saccof Packaging, we create trust".


En janvier 2016, Saccof Packaging reprend la gestion des portefeuilles clients et fournisseurs d’All Packaging Solutions (APS) avec pour ambition de devenir le leader intégré de la fabrication et de la distribution d’emballages en France.

Dans l'objectif d'approvisionner de grands groupes marocains, Christophe Allemandou annonce en mars la création de Plastikpack Maroc, à Marrakech.

En décembre, Saccof Packaging agrandit sa plateforme logistique de Beaucaire de 1200 m2.